Traveling to the Cool Bogor Peak

Traveling to the Cool Bogor Peak

Going to a tourist spot is something that is really needed to get rid of boredom and fatigue during the work week. There are many choices of tourist attractions in Indonesia, from which there are many games such as Dufan Ancol or Trans Studio Bandung, or those who want to calm down while enjoying the sea breeze such as at Ancol Beach, Anyer Beach, or Parang Kritis Beach.

But there is a tour that you can choose to make as an area for entertainment and recreation, which is located around the mountains, namely Puncak Bogor. Surely many have known or heard the name Puncak Bogor which is located in Bogor Regency, which is a tourist area with lots of tea gardens along the road.

Well, one of the fun things is going to the top of Bogor because there are not only 1 or 2 tourist attractions that can be visited but there are so many choices. Perhaps the most popular is Taman Safari which is a tourist spot with a diversity of exotic animals that you can see, maybe a bit like Ragunan in South Jakarta but wider.

Going to the top of Bogor can also be used to find a new atmosphere while saving money because visiting the existing tea garden has become a pleasant moment. While taking photos of the scenery or taking selfies in a tea garden can be a fun and cheap recreation facility.

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But if you want to be even more cool when you go to the top of Bogor, it doesn’t hurt to visit Matahari Tourism Park, which is a very complete tourist area, from rides, lodging, and restaurants. Of course, to go to the sun tourism park you have to dig deeper, but as long as you can feel a pleasant recreation area then why not.

Talking about lodging, at the top of Bogor there are many choices of hotels to villas that can be used to stay as a family or make a meeting place with large families. What is certain is that before ordering or booking a hotel or villa, you must first check the price.

Because usually the closer to the top of Bogor or getting to the top, the more expensive the price will be, but even though it is expensive you can still enjoy a very beautiful view from your hotel window. Yes, maybe there is no problem if you have more funds to be able to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Oh y, just a little note here. Indeed, many inns at the top of Bogor are normal or legal, but the “Normal” ones also usually provide such as PSK etc. so you have to be careful to choose them. It is also common knowledge that the top of Bogor has been made into such an area. So keep safe and don’t fall in the wrong direction.

After talking about lodging at the top of Bogor, it is less common if you don’t talk about the restaurant as well which is an important point because the trip from Jakarta to Puncak Bogor is quite far even though using a car can take around 1 to 3 hours depending on the traffic jam.

Therefore, from the tiredness of traveling, you will definitely be hungry, and looking for a restaurant is the main goal. What you can certainly find easily at the top of Bogor, even on the side of the road there are many street vendors who sell meatball sticks, or warm peekaboo.

But if you want to find a restaurant then it is not right to go to Cimori which is a restaurant and also a tourist spot in the Bogor peak area, although there are also Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. But it’s a shame if you go to the top of Bogor but still eat the same as in Jakarta.

What makes Cimori different is because its food and drinks are made from real pure milk as an ingredient, so it will be more delicious and healthier. After finishing eating, it is not imaginary if you don’t shop for souvenirs or typical Cimori gifts, all of which are made from whole milk, to eat on the street or share with neighbors.

But for those who want to be even more cool, there is still a restaurant located at the top of Bogor, namely Rindu Alam, which is a quite old and famous restaurant. But be careful because to be able to eat there you need a little more than usual, because it is a beautiful, cool place, along with a beautiful view that makes this restaurant quite famous.