Team with the most penalties from the 5 big European leagues

Team with the most penalties from the 5 big European leagues

A penalty is a gift or a disaster for the team that gets it or is experiencing it, the penalty kick can determine the result of the match of the team that is competing. The advantage of penalty kicks is that players only have to fight the goalkeeper in front of the goal.

Usually a penalty kick can be a surprise or a pain, if the execution of the penalty kick manages to get a goal then the team that is brought can get the victory. But if the execution fails, then disappointment, regret, feeling guilty are things that are often experienced by the penalty shooter.

The team with the most penalties from the top 5 European leagues this season

It is very easy to kick the ball from the spot so close to the goal when just looking at it from the television screen, but for the kicker or the goalkeeper who is in charge of the goal, penalties are very tense.

Because with odds of 50:50, this penalty can make the score change at mid-match or towards the end of a match.

But for teams in the major European leagues, a penalty kick is an opportunity to increase the lead, make it a draw, or minimize a defeat. Because each big team certainly has one of the players who is in charge of executing the penalty, which does give the ball a very big opportunity to enter the goal.

The team with the most penalties from the top 5 European leagues this season

Usually a penalty can be obtained by a ball team, if a player commits a foul in the goal line area or near the white point of the player’s penalty. And if the referee sees the player can be worn a red or yellow card, then the other team will get a penalty.

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So when fighting over the ball in the goal area itself is crucial for those who are defending so that there are no adverse things such as violations that will result in penalties. But sometimes there are star players who can do things that are unreasonable in order to get a penalty kick, by committing fouls for themselves on purpose or commonly called diving.

Although not all players do this, taking diving actions can also cause fouls for him.

So it’s no wonder that sometimes in one football team you can get penalty prizes easily and in this season there are 5 teams from the big leagues that we have summarized. Here’s the explanation:

1.Lazio – 15

Currently Lazio are undergoing matches this season very well. The club made by Simone Inzaghi is currently ranked 2nd in the Serie A standings.

Hard work from the team and luck can be the main reasons this team can play well, because during this season Lazio have been awarded 15 penalties. With the highest number of executions carried out by Ciro Immobale with 11 goals from 12 penalties.

2.Genoa – 14

The luck experienced by Lazio seems unable to be felt by Genoa, because Davide Nicole’s club is currently in the red zone of relegation.

By occupying 17th place in the Serie A standings, Genoa have received 14 penalties. But the points collected so far are only 30, even though out of the 14 penalties only missed 4 times.

The defender, Domenico Cristico became the executor of the most penalty kicks by scoring seven goals from nine penalty opportunities.

3.Lecce and Manchester United – 13

Two teams from different countries have both received 13 penalties and are currently in third position. With Lecce getting more results from the penalties they have scored 10 out of 13 times.

Marco Mancosu is the main executor of the Lecce team. This 31-year-old player has successfully put the ball into the net from the penalty prize that was awarded eight times out of nine.

Manchester United, despite getting 13 penalties, failed to score 4 times. With the executor of the penalty, Marcus Rashford scoring 6 of the 8 penalties, Bruno Fernandes managed to get the goal from three penalties, while Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba both failed to penalize once.

4.Juventus – 12

If we talk about penalties, then Juventus is the best executor this season. Even though he only got 12 penalties but all of them managed to become a goal.

Where the executor from Juventus is the best player from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, who executed all the penalty kicks that the team got from this serie A

5.Villarreal – 11

The only team from La-Liga on this list is Villarreal, who bagged 11 penalties, and only failed to execute once.

The player from Villarreal who became the executor, Santi Cazora, has a perfect record by scoring eight goals from the spot.