Social Phenomenon That Is Quite Concern in Developed Countries Part 2

Social Phenomenon That Is Quite Concern in Developed Countries Part 2

Good afternoon everyone, back to our website at which discusses what is happening around the environment where we are doing our activities. In the previous discussion, we have provided several lists of social phenomenon that often approach each individual in this modern era.

Where some of these lists can be found in developing or developed countries, it does look very terrible with some of these social factors that can change people from normal to very strange because they stay away from their social life.

Even from some of these lists there are also those that can make the individual lose his or her name, so it is very worrying that in this modern era, it is not only how we can survive but also face social life that has existed for a long time.

With the list that we provide, not only can we be a helper but also how to deal with it, where knowing some of these social factors can make people aware that if they can be friends or relatives near you who experience it, they can change.

Like in this article, we will discuss back from the previous part where it seems that not all of them have been touched or discussed by us. So without talking for much longer, here are some other social phenomenon that you might find in the environment and how to prevent them.

  1. Kodokhusi, Japanese people who died in solitude

Perhaps the Japanese people are the best example of discipline, besides that they also have a high dedication in their work.

But unfortunately, the workaholic attitude of Japanese people actually heightens their sense of individualism and makes them lose time and opportunity to start a family and eventually choose to live as single until they get old. This single choice of life has led to many Japanese living alone in old age and experiencing Kodokhusi.

Kodokhusi can be interpreted as a person who died in solitude so that his death was only known after a long time. Usually it is only known after a neighbor smells a bad smell and reports it to the officer concerned.

NLI Research Tokyo stated that at least 30 thousand people each year die alone throughout Japan. And it is feared that the number will continue to increase given the decreasing number of marriages in the land of Sakura.

It is true that not all who experience Kodokhusi are those who have never married and have no children, but Japanese people are known to have high shyness and courtesy and many also do not have close relationships with their family and relatives. Worried about disturbing other people, neighbors and even family, they prefer to take care of themselves to death.

Kodokushi must sound very sad to us Indonesians. What we should be grateful for is that the Indonesian people still have a warm relationship within the family, still prioritizing marriage and social interaction between neighbors.

  1. YOLO, the jargon of youth freedom in western countries

You Only Live Once (YOLO) is an acronym made popular by Drake, a Canadian rapper and businessman. YOLO is the living jargon of most young people in western countries who are closely related to a hedonistic culture. Because they live only once, they choose to live it with fun, hanging out, traveling, watching movies, shopping and other things that can bring a pleasant experience.

YOLO actually contains a positive message, as a motivation for young people to be enthusiastic about reaching their desires and seeking as much life experience as possible. YOLO encourages young people not to rush into burying their dreams because of too many considerations.

But when the YOLO slogan is used as an excuse to justify a hedonistic lifestyle, the negative impact becomes even greater. So that YOLO finally has a negative connotation that reflects the youthful lifestyles of freedom.

Life is only once, because it makes your life meaningful, not just trying to get all your dreams and happiness in an instant way in the name of freedom, then dare to do reckless things that will hurt yourself.