Mekarsari Park in Bogor

Mekarsari Park in Bogor

Traveling with family on holidays is a fun activity, with a variety of destinations to choose from in Indonesia that will not bore travelers or those who just want to spend their holidays traveling. Perhaps the most common name when you want to take a trip is Puncak Bogor which is indeed a destination that will not be empty of visitors on holidays or weekdays.

Even for travelers, the name Puncak Bogor is familiar and may have gone to these tourist attractions more than once or maybe every week. Why do you like going to Puncak Bogor? Because not only the scenery is beautiful but also lots of fun tourist attractions such as the Tea Garden, Sun Garden, Safari Park, and AT-Taun Mosque which are the preferred destination directions during a trip to Puncak Bogor.
Happy Stroll While Picking Fruit In Mekarsari Fruit Garden

But of course if you continue to travel to Puncak Bogor on every holiday you will get bored for a long time anyway, now if you want to keep going around Bogor but are tired of going to the top of Bogor, there are still other destinations you can visit, namely Mekarsari Park.

Surely not many people know about this one tourist spot, which is a garden with various types of fruit that you can try picking or just learning about these plants and fruits.

Before we explain further, let us discuss Mekarsari Park historically. Mekarsari Fruit Park is a tourist spot that has an area of ​​264 hectares, located in Cileungsi District, Bogor Regency, West Java. With a large number of biodiversity such as the largest fruit in Indonesia, it is also used as a place for cultivation research, breeding, and multiplying superior seeds.

Previously, Mekarsari Fruit Park was not a tourist park as it is today but a former plantation area owned by PTP IX which is no longer producing. This garden was built on the initiative of Mrs. Tien Soeharto with the aim of increasing the quality and popularity of fruits from Indonesia as well as increasing the dignity and dignity of Indonesian farmers.

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On October 14, 1995 to coincide with World Food Day, the Mekarsari Fruit Garden was inaugurated by the 2nd President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Soeharto. From April 14, 1994 until now, Mekarsari Fruit Garden has been managed by PT Mekar Unggul Sari (MUS) with the aim of maintaining the main purpose of this park until now.

Well, after knowing the history, you already understand why there are tourist attractions that can not only be used as recreational facilities but also education for your children. Because in Mekarsari Park you can find out more about various types of fruit, such as where they come from, their Latin name, how to grow crops, to how to harvest the fruit.

So those of you who are bored of going to Puncak Bogor can continue to make Mekarsari Fruit Park a destination for you and your family to take a walk on holidays. Because in addition to seeing fruits, there are still tourist facilities that can be enjoyed in Mekarsari Park such as Family Garden, Lake Recreation (25 hectares), Baby Zoo, Deer Tutul, Garden Center, Melon Greenhouse, Kids Fun Valley, Long Tower, Water Building Falls, and others.

In addition to being used as a recreation area, those who want to hold family gatherings can also do it in Mekarsari Park because in this park activities such as Company Gathering, Family Picnic, Barbeque, Morning Exercise, and Horse Riding can also be carried out.

For this reason, not only can you get knowledge from studying various types of fruits but can also be used as a family event or just to get rid of fatigue during a full week of work.

Then do you have to pay for the ticket first to go to Mekarsari Park? Of course. The price of admission to the park is only enough to pay 50 thousand for one person and vehicle tickets range from 10 thousand for motorbikes, 20 thousand for cars, and 40 thousand for buses. If you want to experience other rides, there will be additional costs that must be paid, ranging from the cheapest, only 50 thousand to 92 thousand. Very cheap, right?

If you are still considered expensive, then take it easy, there are still packages that can be taken if you want to take advantage of the discount that is given, which is only enough to pay 120 thousand so you can enjoy the various rides that have been provided in Mekarsari Park.