Football Affected by Corona Virus

Football Affected by Corona Virus

The corona virus outbreak that has hit all corners of the world is a pandemic that is very dangerous for mankind, a disease that can be transmitted without these symptoms is not only deadly but can make the economy in the infected countries fall apart.

Football Was Delayed Due to Corona Virus

For example, in Indonesia, when the corona virus entered the country, the government immediately gave a policy by working at home and also closed all kinds of places that could bring crowds such as entertainment venues, malls, and recreational areas.

From there there have been many workers who have to be sent home and even lost their jobs due to the corona virus pandemic or commonly known as covid-19. Then what happens with football matches in big leagues in other countries such as in Europe or America?

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Of course, as a result of this pandemic, the Big Leagues such as the English League, Spanish League, Italian League and so on have to postpone matches that have been scheduled. With the hope that it does not spread further the spread of this corona virus, but still even though the soccer match has been postponed there are still some players and coaches who are positive for the corona virus.

Football Was Delayed Due to Corona Virus

Here are some of the Big Leagues in the world that have experienced delays due to the corona virus pandemic.

  1. English League

The Premier League is one of the most anticipated matches for football fans, but as with the other matches that have been scheduled in this league, it has had to be delayed a lot due to the corona virus pandemic. One of the problems is that there are several players who are positive for Covid-19.

The English league match could only be held last March which ended with a match between Leicester City vs Aston Villa with a final score of 4-0, Leicester City’s victory. But towards the end of June, the Premier League again held its game with several exciting matches such as Aston Villa against Sheff United and Manchester City against Arsenal which was won on June 18 yesterday.

  1. Spanish League

The Spanish League also cannot contain the spread of the corona virus, which from its own country of origin, namely Spain, has a quite bad impact from the Covid-19 pandemic. With a total of 2,140 positive patients and 48 people who died as of March 12, 2020, the match was postponed.

With the last match of the Spanish League on 11 March which was between Eibar and Real Sociedad with the final result 1 – 2.

But in June the Spanish League started its matches but with restrictions without spectators, so it can only be watched from Internet or television services, with the inaugural match starting on 12 June 2020 with a match between Sevilla against Real Betis with a final score of 2 – 0.

  1. Italian League

Matches in Serie A also inevitably have a lot to be delayed due to this pandemic, with instructions from Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stating the postponement of the Italian league until April 3, 2020.

With the last match in Serie A before the lockdowon on 10 March 2020 between Sassuolo and Brescia with a final score of 3-0.

But in June the Serie A League resumed its match with the condition that there were no spectators, starting with a match between Torino against Parma and Verona against Cagliari.

  1. German League

The German League has also been affected by the spread of the corona virus in the country. With an instruction from the French Government which canceled all events involving more than 1000 people, it caused several German League matches to be postponed.

With a statement from his government that until April 15 all Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches are played without spectators, the League Cup Final between PSG and Lyon on April 4 must also be canceled so that it can be watched by many people at a later date.