Astounding Facts About North Korea Part 2

Astounding Facts About North Korea Part 2

North Korea, which is a country controlled by the dictatorial rulers of the Kim family, is already known to many people around the world, there are lots of negative stories about this one country from the absurd to the impossible.

Of course what makes North Korea in the international spotlight is because this country is very closed about diplomatic matters, from knowing deeply about life in North Korea to about the ruler himself who is now being ordered by Kim-Jong Un.

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Surely there has been a lot of good or bad news about this very ruler in North Korea, who many consider him a quite sadistic leader and have never thought of his people or even his own family.

But behind all that, there are actually many interesting facts about this one country, which we discussed in the previous article. So those who don’t want to miss the information can see our post first, and those who want to know other interesting facts about North Korea, along with the explanation.

  1. The thing that you can be grateful for by living in Indonesia is that you can easily get access to watch TV and South Korean dramas. This cannot be obtained by North Korean citizens because the punishment for watching dramas from South Korea is the death penalty.
  2. North Korea ranks second to last in the World Press Freedom Index (Eritrea is the last).
  3. North Korean citizens who fled to South Korea will be called traitors to the state. The residents described prison camp life, where rape, forced labor, infanticide and human medical trials were common.
  4. North Korea has many mineral resources such as, hard shiny coal, high quality iron ore, tin, gold, silver, phosphate rock and copper. North Korea also possesses nuclear weapons and makes it one of the most feared nuclear nations in the world.
  5. The Korean currency is Won. North Korea revalued the won by changing the 1000 won banknotes to 10 won notes and limiting the number of old bills in circulation. According to some, this move was effective at damaging many savings accounts.
  6. Unlike other countries, North Korea divides its population into 3 social castes (classes), namely the Loyal class (the top person in the KWP or who has been in war), the ordinary group, and the disloyal class or people who side with other countries or have fled himself from North Korea. People who fall into disloyal groups are forced to work in the agricultural or mining sections.
  7. The demilitarized zone in North Korea is the most heavily guarded boundary in the world.
  8. There is only one political party in North Korea and citizens can only vote for one presidential candidate at election time. Because there is only one presidential candidate that citizens can vote for and citizens cannot elect the president according to their wishes.
  9. The North Korean flag was first used in 1948 and, uniquely, North Korea has the world’s largest flagpole with a height of 525 inc and weighs around 600 pounds.
  10. In North Korea there is no Christmas celebration. In exchange North Korean residents commemorate the birth of President Kim Jong-Il’s mother on December 24. North Korea doesn’t celebrate Valentine either. North Korean residents celebrate “Public Birthday” on February 16th.

Those are some facts from North Korea that you may not have heard before. Behind its cruelty, North Korea also has tourist destinations that are no less attractive than other countries.